Making Music

Helping Children to Appreciate Music

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Making music a part of your daycare curriculum can be downright simple. Children naturally love to learn and sing (often quite loudly) new songs.

Better yet, they don't care whether you sing off-key or well enough to earn a Grammy.

The best way to get started is to get the children involved as much as possible. Simply listening to music is not as engaging for them as fully participating in some way.

When teaching a new song to small children, sing one line at a time and let them copy you. By the second run-through most of the children will have the lyrics down-pat.

Add in some homemade instruments, and you have an activity that will be enjoyed by all the children in your care.

Making Music

Homemade Instruments:

Adding musical instruments will also peak their interest. There are many easily crafted homemade musical instruments .

Creating the instruments is as much fun as playing them. Choose simple songs with a steady beat and make it easy for the kids to follow along with their instruments.


Music Activities:

Another way to involve children is to plan an activity around listening to or moving to music.

There are many easy music activities that will have the children begging you to "play it again".


Classical Music:

What about classical music? I'm sure you've all heard that listening to classical music will make infants and children smarter, and give them a jump-start where academics are concerned. And... that classical music is extremely relaxing.

Science has a surprising simple explanation for the relaxing part. Some interesting experiments have been done pitting classical music against rock music.Science also offers a simple way to potentially have a calmer daycare group. Read the section on the experiments... I tried classical music played softly in the background of my daycare and the results were surprising.

The results were surprising enough, that I'm certain sales of classical music went up.

Children and making music go hand-in-hand. All you have to do is start singing and the children will gladly join in. So, pick an activity... and before you know it, music time will become part of your daycare routine. And the best part? The kids will love you for it.


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