Bubble Activities

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Summertime is made for bubble activities. Regardless of age, children are fascinated by blowing, making and watching bubbles.

So, mix up a bubble solution and get started on a great warm weather outdoor activity.

*Teach smaller children how to blow bubbles by using straws for practice. Let the children blow into the straw and feel the air on their hand.

Make sure all children understand the concept well before trying any bubble activities. Continue to closely supervise during all activities.

Tiny Bubbles

Tape several drinking straws together. Dip one end in a bubble solution. Hold the other end a little way from your mouth. You do not want to put your mouth on the straws. Blow gently to create lots of tiny bubbles.


Lots of Bubble Activities

Bubble Pipe

For this project you will need:

  • Paper cup
  • Straw
  • Dish detergent
  • Water
  • Food Coloring (optional)

Poke a hole in the side of the paper cup about an inch from the bottom. Put a drinking straw into it, about half way into the cup. Add enough dish soap until the straw is covered. Add a little bit of water and food coloring if desired. Gently blow until bubbles appear.

*Watch small children carefully with all bubble activities, as they sometimes suck in, instead of blowing out. Have them practice with a plain straw until you are confident they know what to do.

*They are also inclined, at times, to try and drink the bubble solution.


Flashlight Bubbles

Tape a small clear plastic lid (like from a small margarine container) upside down over the light of a flashlight. Make sure there is no tape directly on the light, only around the edges. This should form a low bowl-like area. Put a small amount of bubble solution into the lid. Carefully keep the lid level. Use a straw to blow bubbles into the lid. Turn off the lights to see the colors the bubbles make.


Bubble Pictures

This is a fun bubble activity. Make sure each child has more than one sheet of paper. They'll each want to make a few "masterpieces".

For this project, you will need:

  • 1 part liquid dish soap
  • 1 part washable paint
  • 2 parts water

Mix well. Blow through a straw until enough bubbles form to fill the bowl. Press paper lightly onto the bubble mixture to catch the bubble shapes. Repeat the process on the same paper using different colors.

Or…Put food coloring into a basic bubble mixture. Make several containers of different colors. Let the children blow bubbles directly on their papers.

OR… Have one child blow bubbles and have another child “catch” the bubbles on a piece of paper.

*These are good outdoor activities because they can get messy, and the sun helps the pictures to dry faster.



Mix up a simple bubble solution and pour into a flat pan. Let the kids dip fly swatters into the mixture and wave the swatters. You’ll get a cascade of many (many!) bubbles due to the many holes in the swatter.


Simple Bubble Mixture

Mix together:

  • 1 cup dish washing soap
  • 6 cups of water
  • 1 tablespoon of glycerin (can be found in most drugstores)

The glycerin makes the bubbles stronger for great bubble blowing activities.

*Add a couple of drops of food coloring to make colored bubbles.


Simple Bubble Blowers

To blow larger bubbles try using…

Small funnels or…

plastic soda bottles with the bottoms cut off.

Dip the bottom of the funnel or soda bottle into the bubble mixture and blow into the small end to create bubbles.


Have a Bubble Contest

Let the kids each blow a bubble. See who can blow the biggest bubble, the smallest bubble, the longest lasting bubble, the highest floating bubble etc.


Put the Kids in a Bubble

Bubble activities wouldn’t be complete without this one. Mix a large amount of bubble solution. Pour into a wading pool. You may want to add a little more glycerin to make the solution extra strong. Place a hula hoop into the pool, and place a small step stool in the middle of the hula hoop. Carefully help a child to stand on the step stool, and pull the hula hoop up and over the child’s head. The child will be amazed to be inside of a giant bubble. This activity has the real “WOW” factor.

*Plan extra time for this activity as all the children will want to participate more than once.

*Make sure to dip your hands into the solution before lifting up the hula hoop.

*Make sure to have a camera handy. This is one of those bubble activities you'll want pictures of.


Freezing Bubbles

Blow several bubbles on a paper plate. Quickly place them in the freezer before they pop. It won't take long before they look like crystals.


Indoor “Bubble” Fun

Roll out a large strip of bubble wrap. That’s right, the type used for packing fragile items.Then... let the children go barefoot, and walk all over the wrap. The kids are fascinated by the “popping” sounds and will typically keep going until every last bubble is popped.


Bubble Bottle

Fill a clear plastic pop bottle one third full with water. Add some tempera paint & about 1/3 cup of liquid detergent. Let the children shake the bottle to make colored bubbles.

*Make sure the cap is on securely.


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