Preschool Bug Theme Activities

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A preschool bug theme is easy to plan. This type of theme is also always a big hit with kids.

Ever been with a group of children when one of them discovers a bug? The entire group will rush over to see and inspect.

Children have always been fascinated with insects and letting them explore bugs "up close" will be an experience they won't forget.



This is a fun idea for a preschool bug theme. Give the children advance warning and have share-a-bug day. Let them find a bug in their own yards and place the bug in a jar you have provided. Baby food jars with a few holes punched in the top work well for this project.

They can bring the bug to daycare to share with the whole group. This makes for an extremely interesting circle time activity.Some years I was totally amazed at the types of bugs kids were able to find.

Release the bugs after sharing time.

Preschool Bug Theme Ideas

Become a Butterfly

Have children pretend to be a caterpillar in a cocoon. Drape a blanket over two chairs, let the children settle under the blanket and then come out flapping their wings as a beautiful butterfly.


Check out Ant Hills with Magnifying Glasses

Bring along some cracker crumbs so the children can see how the ants work as a team to carry the crumbs away.


Bug search

Place a hula-hoop on the ground. See how many bugs can be found in the circle. How many of the bugs can the children identify?


Make your own Ant Farm

This preschool bug theme idea takes a little work, but is well worth it.

You'll need two clear plastic or glass jars. The smaller one must fit into the larger one leaving about an inch of space. Place the small jar (with cover on) into the larger one. Add dirt to fill the large jar keeping the smaller jar centered inside. Find ants outside and place them in the jar. Add a covering with holes to the top of the jar. Add some applesauce or fruit flavored cereal. Watch how they dig their tunnels through the dirt. After several days, release the ants back outside.


Have a grasshopper hop relay

Teach children that grasshoppers live in fields and meadows, and never eat other insects. They like vegetables. Have the children line up in two teams. Place several carrots some distance away. Have them race a distance (hopping like grasshoppers, of course) grab a carrot and hop back as fast as they can.


Spider Web Paper

Place a black sheet of paper behind a spider web. Spray the spider web with hair spray. The web will transfer to the paper. Make sure the children are standing away from this process and are not standing where the wind will blow towards them.


Form an Insect

Place three children single file facing in the same direction. Have the first child use their index fingers to form antennae by their forehead. The two children in back should each put their hands on the shoulders of the child in front of them. Viola! With three body parts, six legs, and antennae, you've just created an insect!


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