Kid Party Ideas

If you are putting together a party for your day care group. these kid party ideas will help you have a party atmosphere in no time. Each page is full of ideas to entertain a group and insure a good time is had by all.

There are sections for each of the major holidays and another section for those lesser known (but still lots of fun!) holidays. While the major holidays are a good time to plan a party day... on occasion it's fun to put together a party just for fun.

Some of the party ideas will work well for themes, others are simply to create a fun atmosphere. As we all know, there are some months without a major holiday and having a special day planned during those months just makes things a lot more fun. And... the kids will love you for it. After all, who doesn't like a party?

All of the party ideas are simple and most use items that people generally have around their house. That makes planning simple and means you can have a party atmosphere in no time at all.

*Just click on the appropriate holiday below. Stop back as new pages and ideas will continue to be added.

Major Holidays

New Years Day Activities Cinco de Mayo Activities
Groundhog Day Activities Flag Day Activities
Valentines Day Activities 4th of July Activities
President’s Day Activities Halloween Activities
St. Patrick’s Day Activities Thanksgiving Activities
Easter Activities Christmas Activities

Lesser Known (but lots of fun) Holidays

National Hat Day Activities Mother Goose Day Activities
Pancake Day Activities Teddy Bear Day Activities
Backwards Day Activities Johnny Appleseed Day Activities
Fairy Tale Day Activities Mitten Tree Day Activities
International Games Day Activities Ice Cream Day Activities

A few kid party ideas and tips...

Don't do parties alone. You really can't be everywhere all the time. Enlist the help of a friend or one of the parents if they are available. With an extra pair of hands, your party will run more smoothly and you won't feel so tired at the end of the day.

Take the ages and personalities into consideration when planning activities. Realize that very young children have short attention spans, so simple activities are best.

Older children will appreciate active team activities.

Plan one or two "extra activities". You may not need them if what you have already planned fills in the time space. However, in case the children finish activities quicker than you anticipated, it's nice to have a couple of simple backup activities.

Make sure to  ask so you are aware of any food allergies guests may have. It's wise to avoid any foods with peanuts.

If you plan to serve a meal, keep it simple with kid-friendly foods. Try pizza or sandwiches made into shapes with cookie cutters. OR... offer a selection of self-serve snacks to make the party even easier.

Although balloons always make a party more festive, think twice regarding latex balloons which are a choking hazard for small children. Mylar balloons may be a better choice.

Make food presentation fun. Serve party food in a colorful dish, or on a patterned tablecloth to make it extra-special for your guests. Luckily dollar stores make these items festive for the holidays and low-cost.


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