Teddy Bear Day

Children love Teddy Bear Day. Most children have one and each one holds a special place in their hearts.They are considered a special friend that is cuddly and helps to make children feel more secure.

The Teddy Bear was named after President Theodore Roosevelt and now the lovable stuffed animal has a day all it's own.

Most celebrations take place on September 9th, although some toy companies have chosen dates in November. You could, however, plan this for any day of the year!

When the celebration takes place does not matter. Just use the ideas listed below to ensure a fun filled day for all the children in your daycare AND the teddies.

Have each child bring their favorite teddy bear from home. Have a couple of extra on hand in case a child forgets.

*Make sure to take pictures of the kids with their teddies. Share a group picture with the parents.

Teddy Bear Day Snacks

Cinnamon Bear Toast

Make toast, cut into bear shape (or use a cookie cutter) and sprinkle sugar/cinnamon on them.


Teddy Bear Breakfast

Use a slice of french toast to make a cute bear face breakfast. Slice bananas for the ears and nose, adding raisins or chocolate chips for the eyes and tip of the nose. Kids will love it!


Bear Cookies

Make or buy bear-shaped cookies. Talk about the different types of bears there are. Let the children decorate the cookies with white frosting for polar bears, black frosting for black bears, brown frosting for brown bears or a combination of  black and white frosting for panda bears.


Teddy Bear Jello 

Make any flavor jello, using less water so the jello is firmer. Place jello on a cookie sheet with sides and place in the refrigerator until firm. Use a cookie cutter to cut out Teddy Bear Shapes. 


Quick Snacks

  • Bears like honey so make some toast with honey
  • Teddy bear graham crackers would be a great snack. Add some fresh berries as bears eat these in the wild.


Teddy Bear Day Activities

Teddy Bear Parade

Give each child a box with a rope pull-handle. Let the children decorate their boxes with markers, streamers, stickers etc. or whatever you have on hand. When the boxes are completed, have the children place their teddy bears inside. Then play music and let the children pull their boxes around a room or down the driveway in  a Teddy Bear Parade.


Teddy Bear Picnic

Make sure to include a picnic lunch or snack on a blanket with teddy bears.


Make Cinnamon Bears

Provide the children with pre-cut bear shapes. Have the children lightly apply glue to the shape and then sprinkle cinnamon onto the bear shape for a scented bear. 


Bear Line Up

Have the children line up the bears from smallest to largest. Or...place bears of the same color together.


What time is it Mr. Bear? 

This is a really fun game to play outside. Have the children all line up against a wall or fence. Have one child, (Mr. Bear)  face away from the children, a good distance away from the children. The children yell, "What time is it Mr. Bear?", Mr. Bear gives a time, such as 2 o'clock, and the children all take two steps toward Mr. Bear. The children yell again, "What time is it Mr. Bear?", Mr. Bear answers (fill in the blank) o'clock, and the children all take the same number of steps toward Mr. Bear. This will continue until all the children are very close to Mr. Bear. At some point Mr. Bear will answer that it's midnight. Then he will turn around and chases the children back to the fence or wall where they started. The first person Mr. Bear touches will be the new Mr. Bear. 


Make a Bear Cave 

This is the perfect craft for Teddy Bear Day. Use a small cardboard box as a base. Staple a crumpled brown paper bag around the box to create a cave. Make sure the cave has an opening. Children can add bits of pine needles, twigs, moss, sawdust, straw and rocks. For more fun, give each child a teddy graham bear to tuck inside to hibernate.


Make Bear Headbands

Use use a simple brown band of construction paper staples to fit the child's head. Cut bear ears from soft fuzzy material and attach.


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