Art Projects for Kids

Fun and Easy Ways to be Creative

Art projects for kids can be downright simple. Children love to be creative and love learning new ways to create.

The best part of including art activities in your home daycare is that you do not need to be gifted in art to help children to be creative.

You simply have to give them an idea and some materials to work with… and before you know it, they will have created their own masterpieces.

Even with the same idea and materials, each child's art project will turn out slightly different than the others, since every child will put their own creativity into each project.

Choose one of the Kids Art Activities sections below to find lots of interesting project ideas.


Cheap Art Supplies

Art projects for kids can be fun and interesting, but, let's face it... buying art supplies can strain the budget.

Here's a list of the best ways I've found to cut down on the cost. Some are actually free...


Art Projects for Kids

Crayon/Marker Art Activity Ideas

Using simple crayons or markers for art time need not be dull. There are lots of ways to use the most basic of art supplies in interesting ways.

Try “Melty Pictures” (they resemble an oil painting), Cotton Ball Clouds, Still Life and more…


Super Simple Kids Art Activities

Sometimes the best art projects for kids are the easiest. Looking for an art project you can do NOW? Every idea in this section is incredibly simple and uses items you more than likely already have in your home.

Try Magazine Pictures, Paint Shakers (easy enough for a toddler yet fun for preschoolers), “Magic” Pictures, Foot Drawing (it’s not what you think) and more…


Group Art Activities

At times its fun to get the whole group involved in one activity. Working together teaches cooperation and usually creates something quite spectacular.

Create a Village, a Paper Quilt, make Shadow Kids, have an Art Fair and more…


Art Activities to Create Your Own Toys

Homemade toys are fun to make. Best of all, these projects combine the two things children love most... creating and playing.

Try making assorted Puzzles, Critters, Noisemakers, Stuffed Bears and more…


Painting Activities

Everyone knows you can paint with your fingers or a brush. But, painting is always more fun for kids if you “add a little twist” to make the painting experience truly unique.

Try Dribble Art, Tin Foil Painting, Salty Art, Glop Painting and more…


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