Simple Butterfly Craft

cartoon butterfly

This simple butterfly craft makes a great addition to a Bugs/Insects theme, or works well as a stand-alone project in the summertime… when the butterflies are outside.

Not only does this project involve coloring, cutting, and assorted crafts supplies... it becomes an interesting toy when finished.

Make enough copies of the Butterfly Printout for all the children in your care.

Make the copies on lightweight paper.

Although this coloring page can be used exactly as is, you can also turn it into a project.

Decorate the butterfly in any way you wish. Use markers and crayons, and add light-weight glitter or sequins if you like. Use whatever craft materials you have on hand, but make sure the butterflies do not become too heavy or they may be to heavy too fly.

Butterfly Craft

When the butterflies are finished, cut them out and attach a dowel stick to the back of the butterfly with durable tape.

Then… a simple up and down movement with the dowel stick will make the butterflies appear to fly.

*Use this butterfly activity with some caution. Dowels sticks are "sticks" after all, and sometimes the children can get quite exuberant when making the butterflies fly. Make sure there is plenty of room for several youngsters to have ample space to move around.


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