Preschool Theme Ideas

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Need some preschool theme ideas? Themes work well with children because they learn best through repetition.

You can have a single theme day, a theme that lasts a few days or a week-long theme. The choice is yours.

Simply choose a preschool theme idea below to find crafts, activities and snacks geared to a particular topic.

Consider this page to be a “work-in-progress” as new topics and pages will continue to be added.

At this time, your choices are:
  • All about Apples
  • The Five Senses
  • All about Bugs/Insects
  • All about Winter
  • All about Pizza

Preschool Theme Ideas


All About Apples

There are lots of ways to have fun with an apple theme. Start with some apple activities. Try making “pretend” applesauce, using an apple chart and more.

Add in some apple crafts like tissue paper apples or applesauce decorations.

Toss in some easy apple recipes like sweet apple bites or apple oatmeal and you’ll have a fun filled week the kids will remember.


The Five Senses

Start by making a Senses Book. This take-home book is a great way to kick-off the week. It can be worked on as the kids learn about each of the senses and helps to reinforce what has been learned.

Choose one of the categories below for fun ways to teach the children about each of their five senses.







All About Bugs/Insects

Children are always fascinated by bugs. It seems whenever a group of children are out-of-doors, someone will find an insect that the whole group will scramble to inspect.

So… that makes bugs a fun preschool theme idea. Try some of the bug/insect activities and let them learn about the insect world. Bug crafts will make the week more interesting.

Create some "buggy" snacks the kids will love.


All About Winter

Winter is a fun theme. There are lots of winter activities to keep the kids occupied. Or... make something unique when it's too cold to be outside. Take a peek in the winter crafts section.

There are also a few "winter snacks" to round out the theme.

*Do not feel that if you live in an area without snow, this theme won't work as well for you. It will! Many of the activities do not even require snow.


All About Pizza

Pizza activities will keep the children entertained. Teach about the history of pizza, color the flag of Italy (it's the same colors as pizza) and more...

Teach the word "Delizioso" (a word the kids will pick up on right away!) and make super simple pizzas.


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Fun things for kids to do…


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And much more...

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