Winter Theme Crafts

winter sledding

Winter theme crafts add fun when the weather turns chilly. Combine crafts with winter activities and snacks for a fun-filled day or week. The more winter themed ideas you use, the more fun the kids will have.

Some days (especially here in Minnesota) are too cold for outdoor play. When the temperature drops, try one (or more!) of the following winter theme crafts. There won't be any complaining about having to stay inside when all the fun is going on indoors.

Pasta Snowflakes

Place a large * in the center of a piece of paper. Use pasta shapes glued on the lines to form a snowflake.


Snow Pictures

Use your imagination to create all kinds of winter scenes during art/craft time. Try sugar, flour, white sand, broken and dried egg shells, or salt glued on paper to create various types of snow pictures.

*Here's an interesting winter theme craft idea: Use equal parts of glue and shaving cream to create puffy paint


Winter Theme Crafts

Individual Winter "Sensory" Pictures

Print out the winter sensory picture. Print out on light blue paper to create the appearance of the sky. Use cotton balls for the snow, yellow felt for the sun (maybe yellow yarn to create rays for the sun), sandpaper for the tree trunks, and small pieces of green tissue paper crumpled up for the trees.


Winter Stampers

Use cookie cutters in winter shapes. Dip the cutters in white glue and stamp on black paper. Sprinkle with glitter and let dry. OR...paint a winter scene on blue paper with white glue, sprinkle with white glitter or salt and let dry.


Wax Paper Snowflakes

Draw snowflake designs on wax paper with glue. Sprinkle with glitter or salt and let dry. Remove from the wax paper. The snowflakes should stick to the window.


Indoor Icicles

Place a thick layer of glue along one side of a sheet of paper. Tilt the paper so the glue runs. Sprinkle with glitter and let dry.


Cupcake Liner Snowman

Use three white cupcake liners glued on paper to create a snowman. Decorate as desired.


Winter Chalk Drawing

Draw a winter scene on black construction paper with chalk. Lightly (away from the children!) spray the pictures with hair spray to set the chalk.


Winter Finger painting

Use whipped cream on large pieces of finger-painting paper. Create winter scenes with an edible product.


Snow People

Gather your group together and make snow people using white clay. Add twigs, small stones and material to create arms, faces and clothing.


More Winter Theme Fun


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