Kids Awards and Certificates

Looking for fun kids awards and certificates? These are perfect for daycare providers and preschool teachers. There are 36 awards to choose from. Each of the awards below are included in an easily downloaded PDF file.

After all, you want to be THAT provider, right? You know, the one who is encouraging when new things are learned? The one who downplays bad behaviors and rewards the good? If so, this is the prefect pack of awards for you!

Order below using Paypal OR a debit or credit card. You will have immediate access to the file. Use immediately or save for later.

The first eight awards come two to a page. Print once and reward twice.

Super helper awards are full page awards.

The next 24 awards also come two to a page. One printed sheet of paper creates 2 awards.

The last two awards are also full sheet awards.

The entire package is low cost. Buy once and print out the awards multiple times! Use to acknowledge skills learned or for behaviors you would like to see repeated.

I recommend printing the awards on picture paper for a glossy appearance and a firmer feel.

All payments are accepted through Paypal. If you have an account, great! If you don't... no worries. Paypal will allow you to pay using a debit or credit card WITHOUT having to create an account. Could it be any easier to reward the children in your care?

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