Daycare Menus

Planning Easy Kids Meals

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Daycare menus can be a challenging part of running an in-home daycare.

Providing meals and snacks is clearly a must, but need not be a chore. In this section you’ll find easy meal and snack ideas that are kid-friendly.

Meaning… even your most finicky eater will find foods they like. Sometimes you just have to make the food look interesting for a child to decide they like it.

Choose one of the sections below to get started.

Planning Meals for Kids

Planning meals and snacks is easier than you might think. By following a couple of easy rules you’ll be well on your way to providing nutritious meals and snacks your home daycare will enjoy. Hate the thought of planning meals? There is a very simple way to handle that ...

Daycare Menu Ideas


Daycare Breakfast Ideas

Many home daycare providers have older children who need to be on a school bus at an appointed time. Breakfast is the one meal of the day that tends to get accomplished in a flurry of activity. Here are some great breakfast ideas to make the early morning meal simple.


Daycare Lunch Ideas

Children can (and will) be fussy. Here are some easy lunch ideas sure to please those smaller appetites.


Making Sandwiches Fun

A sandwich is just a sandwich until you do something interesting with it. Check out this section to learn creative sandwich making.


Daycare Snack Ideas

Daycare menus must include snacks. Never has there been a child who didn’t look forward to snack time. While juice and crackers will suffice, look no further for fun snack ideas.


Tips for Cooking with Children

Kids love everything that goes on in the kitchen, and they very much want to be a part of it. Included here are tips to make cooking with kids practically effortless.


Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables

While vegetables may be the biggest challenge when planning daycare menus for the kids, there are ways to make it easier. Check out my suggestions for ways to make vegetables more appealing for children.


Daycare Help:

Looking for step-by-step instructions to start your own successful home-based daycare?

Check out my START A DAYCARE section. An all-free list of articles to guide you every step of the way.

Need DAYCARE FORMS? The forms section has free forms you can print and use immediately.

For even more helpful hints, take a peek in the DAYCARE TIPS area.


For some fun kids activities, go to KIDS ART ACTIVITIES for:
  • Art ideas using crayons, markers or paint
  • Super Simple Art
  • Easy Toys to Make and more…

OR… hop on over to the FREE PRINTABLES section for:

  • Simple Butterfly Craft
  • Letter to Santa
  • Number Coloring Pages
  • Printable Lotto/Match Games
  • Winter Sensory Picture and more…

Both sections have lots of ideas to make planning activities for your daycare practically effortless.


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