Preschool Arts and Crafts

Project Ideas Using Crayons or Markers

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Preschool arts and crafts are easy-as-pie when you are using markers and crayons. While most children are quite familiar with these art supplies, they will generally use them to draw on plain paper. Make art time more interesting with one of the project ideas below.


Self Portrait

Glue a picture of the child’s face 1/3 down from the top of a sheet of paper. Give them crayons or markers to complete a self-portrait.


Line Pictures

In the center of a large sheet of paper have the children draw a small shape. Just outside of the shape, have them re-draw the shape again slightly bigger, and continuing redrawing the shape until they have reached the edge of the paper. Let them color in each area a different color.

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Create a Story

Using construction paper folded in half and stapled on the folded side, create a blank book for each child. Let them tell you a short story, while you write what they say on the bottom of the pages. Let the children use crayons or markers to illustrate their own storybook.


Kid Shapes

Trace the child’s body as they lay face up on a large piece of paper. Let them color in their own facial features and clothing.



Give each child a sheet of graph paper and show them how to color in the squares in repeating patterns. Use markers or crayons.

*The tiny squares are too difficult for younger children. For preschoolers try using my printable graph with larger squares.



Even young children can try their hand at drawing what they see. Set a bowl of fruit, or a simple flower arrangement, etc. in the center of the table. Give them markers or crayons and let them try still life. Although they will all be drawing the same object, each picture will be different and unique.

*I’ve used this preschool arts and crafts project with children as young as three with good results.


Sun Pictures

Draw an outline on a plain sheet of paper. Examples: house, car, flower, etc. Use a grater to make crayon shavings that can be placed in the outline. Put the pictures in bright sunlight and allow the crayon shavings to melt. If left outside in early evening cooler temperatures, the crayon will harden.


Melty Pictures

Color a picture on heavy cardboard. Bake in an oven at 150 degrees for 2-3 minutes. Let cool completely. The melted crayon picture will resemble an oil painting.


Cotton Ball Clouds

Take the children outside and let them lie on their backs and look at the clouds. Later, have them recreate the clouds using cotton balls, glue, and blue construction paper. They can add to the cloud picture using crayons or markers to create birds, butterflies, airplanes, etc.


Blindfold Art

Blindfold children and give them crayons or markers to draw a picture. You’ll hear lots of giggling when the blindfolds are removed.


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