Preschool Art Projects

Super Simple Art Ideas

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If you are looking for incredibly simple preschool art projects, you're in the right place.

All of the activities in this section are really easy and use items you probably already have in your home. Have fun creating!


Paint Shakers

Use an empty potato chip canister, making sure it is clean and dry. Put a clean white sheet of paper into the canister. Cut up small pieces of sponge and dip one piece in paint. Drop inside the canister, put the lid on, and let the children shake.

*Using three or four different colors makes great abstract art.

*For a different alternative use black paper and pastel colors.

Preschool Art Projects


Magazine Picture

Have the children look through old magazines for whatever grabs their attention… a house, car, dog, etc. Cut out the picture and glue in the center of a large sheet of paper. Give the children crayons or markers to complete the picture.


Bumpy Pictures

Use paper clips to fasten a sheet of sandpaper under a regular coloring page. Color the picture as usual for an interesting bumpy effect.

OR... for a different preschool art project, have the children draw pictures on fine sandpaper with chalk.To seal the pictures spray hair spray over the entire picture (adults only!).


Rainbow Pictures

Tape two or three crayons together and have the children draw pictures or designs this way. This creates interesting looking pictures.


Scribble Pictures

Have the children draw scribbles and loops over a sheet of white paper. Have them color in each section with a different color crayon.


Color Collage

Children usually have a favorite color. Show them two objects of the same color but in different hues, and explain that while they look different, they are the same color. Have the children look through old magazines to find many items of their favorite color. Each child can then glue their pictures on a large sheet of construction paper to create a collage.

*This preschool art project encourages sharing when children find pictures to fit another child's color choice.


Funny Faces

Look through old magazines to find pictures of faces. Cut out the eyes, noses, mouths, ears, and heads of hair separately. Mix them all up, and let the children create funny faces they can then glue on construction paper.


Shape Picture

Cut several types of shapes out of different colored construction paper. Let the children choose a shape and glue it somewhere on their sheet of paper. Let them use the shape to determine the picture. A square becomes a house, a circle becomes a car wheel, etc. Give them crayons or markers to finish the picture.


Texture Table

For this fun project you’ll need a table, a large sheet of paper, and items of texture. Make sure that there are no sharp or pointy objects and that the items lie mostly flat. Lay the paper over the objects and secure the paper to the table with masking tape. Have the children rub the crayons (on their sides) all over the paper. To their delight, surprises will appear.


Design a Place-mat

Give each child a piece of paper with a large circle drawn in the center. Let them use markers or crayons to draw their favorite foods in the circle. Write the names of their favorites foods around the edge of the “plate”. When finished, cover the piece of paper with clear contact paper (on both sides) to create place-mats.


Foot Drawing

Anyone can make drawings with their hands, but what if you held the crayon between your toes instead? For a really fun kids art activity, clear a space on the floor, use large pieces of paper, and let the giggling begin.


Stained Glass Window

Use cotton balls to rub salad oil over a sheet of waxed paper. Let the children tear colored tissue paper into small pieces and press on the wax paper until covered. The oil makes the tissue paper stick and also makes the paper transparent. Let dry completely and add a black construction paper frame.


Double Carbon Picture

Staple two pieces of paper together with a piece of carbon paper in between. Have the children draw a picture with a pencil on the top sheet. When finished, show them the “magic” of how their picture appears on the bottom sheet too.


Wax Paper Funnies

Place wax paper over the colored comics section of the newspaper. Let the children rub the surface with a spoon. The color will come off on the wax paper, making the picture in reverse.


Fruit Rubbings

Cut out fruit shapes from light cardboard. Place the shapes under a piece of white construction paper and let the children use the correct color crayon to make the shape appear.

*Take the paper off the crayons so the children can rub using the whole crayon.


Paper Towel Art

Wet a paper towel and let the children use a small amount of gelatin powder or unsweetened drink mix to sprinkle over the towels.

*For very small children, put the mix into empty salt-shakers, as they will be more tempted to just “dump it on”. Make frames for the artwork.


More Preschool Art Project Ideas:


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