Art Activities for Children

Getting the Whole Group Involved in One Project

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There are several art activities for children that can involve your whole daycare group. Kids working together to create... usually results in something spectacular.

Gather your group together and try one of the following art activities for children.

Create a Village

Talk about the different businesses in your town. Examples: grocery store, gas station, bakery, barber shop, flower shop, pizza place, etc. Pass out white paper and have each child draw a different business. Hang the pictures next to each other on the wall to create a village.


Make a Paper Quilt

Use an easy coloring book with large pictures of toys or animals. Give each child one picture to color. Hang the pictures close together on the wall to form a rectangle. Make a construction paper edge and use thick zigzag ribbing between the pictures to form a large wall hanging.


Fun Art Activities for Children

Have an Art Fair

Have the children create several types of pictures with paint, markers or crayons. Use string and cloths pins to create an area where the pictures can be put on display. Invite parents or neighborhood children to view the artwork.

*This is a great art activity for children because the children are so proud when their pictures are displayed in this way.


Group Art

Give each child a sheet of paper and some markers. Have them draw one item on the paper. Examples: a house, car, tree, sun, etc. Then each child will pass their paper to the right, where each child will add one thing to the picture. Continue until each child has their original picture.


Shadow Kids

Choose a bright sunny day to take the children outside. Have them stand on the sidewalk or driveway while you trace their shadows with sidewalk chalk. Let them use their imaginations to pose and color themselves.


Under the Table Picture

Tape a large piece of paper to the underside of a low table. Have the children create with crayons or markers by lying on their backs. This will create a nice wall hanging.


Create a City

On a large sheet of paper (use several sheets taped together if necessary) use markers to create an entire city. Include buildings like a school, police station, fire station, and home. Make roads (some straight and some curvy). Let the children use miniature cars to explore the city.

*This art activity for children will show you how truly creative a group of kids can be.


Make a Sculpture

Start with a heavy piece of cardboard or a box as a base. Then add assorted items to create your sculpture. Try using Styrofoam trays, cardboard tubes, old puzzle pieces, buttons, fabric, sponges, egg cartons, straws or anything else you can find. Create individual sculptures or make it a group project and create one large one.


Box Building

Use different size cardboard boxes and masking tape to create small houses, skyscrapers, farm buildings, or a space station. For this project you are only limited by your imagination. Once the boxes are assembled, use paint or markers to make each building unique.



Spread a large sheet of paper on the floor and tape it down. Have the children find objects to trace around. Let them use crayons or markers. Keep finding more objects until the paper is covered with interesting shapes.


Fabric Flower Garden

You will need a large sheet of paper at least 6 feet long, MANY pre-cut floral fabric flowers (I used a few items bought at the thrift store with a floral pattern and flower shaped stencils), green material or construction paper cut into stem and leaf shapes, and glue. Let the children stand side by side and use the materials provided to create a beautiful flower garden wall hanging. You can also let them use markers to create bugs, butterflies, grasses, sun, or clouds.

*This is one of the art activities for children that requires planning. I cut out the flowers and stems during a few nights TV viewing. Well worth it... the kids did great and the finished wall hanging was amazing.


More Art Activities for Children Ideas:


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