Winter Sensory Picture

An Art Project With Texture

A winter sensory picture is both easy and fun for the children to create. This makes an interesting art project because several types of materials are used.

Sensory art is also a good choice during a senses theme. The finished picture has different textures for "feel".

Make enough copies of the sensory picture for all the children. Printing the picture on sturdy card stock will make the pictures easier to create and will make them last longer.

Use whatever craft supplies you have on hand to finish the picture. We used cotton balls to make the snow, yellow felt for the sun, sandpaper for the tree trunks, and small crumpled pieces of green tissue paper for the tree tops.

While creating the picture, talk about the differences in the way each of the craft items feel. Cotton balls are soft, and sandpaper is rough. Let the kids describe how each item feels to them.

Once the pictures are dry, gently press their hands across the picture. Ask them how that felt.

Winter Sensory Picture

Set your printer to landscape for this picture.

If you happen to live in an area without snow, feel free to change the snow area. I've seen providers who live in beach areas use sand, and others who used green colored (food coloring) sawdust to represent grass. And, if you like, once the pictures are dry, the children can also use crayons or markers to add their own “extras” to the picture.

Examples: clouds, butterflies, a puppy, maybe they’ll even draw themselves in the scene.


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