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Try a word search puzzle in kid-friendly themes to plan an easy extra activity.

The best way to use the word-find puzzles is in reinforcing a weekly theme. Word puzzles may help children with attention to detail and give them exposure to new words. While they are not highly educational, they are fun and kids genuinely like doing them.

The are also a great day-saver when the weather makes it hard to get outside, or you need an activity for older kids while younger ones are napping.

The printables below are perfect for the beginner. Each puzzle contains only 5 words. The words can be found horizontally or vertically. There are no diagonal or backwards words.

NOTE: All of the puzzles below are available for personal non-commercial use only. Daycare providers, teachers and parents are welcome to print in quantity as needed.

Word Search Puzzles

Simply select the puzzle of your choice, and click to open in PDF format. You can then easily print as many copies as you need.

Farm Animals

Zoo Animals


Farm animals word search




More Word Puzzles:

Level 1 – Very Easy

Large letters, five words to find. No diagonal or backwards words.

Holiday Themes

Level 2 – Moderately Easy

Nine to fifteen words. Some puzzles have diagonal words. There are no backwards words.

Holiday Themes

Kid-Friendly Themes

Level 3 – A bit of a challenge

Minimum of fifteen words. Words can be in any direction including backwards.

Holiday Themes

Kid-Friendly Themes


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