Apple Activities

apple activities

Apple activities are a fun part of an apple theme. Most often, this theme is a part of harvest time in the fall of the year.

This theme is interesting, in that, children see how apples are grown and find out there are many varieties of apples to choose from.

Use the apple activities listed below to get started. Add some apple crafts and snacks for a fun autumn theme.

Take a Trip to an Apple Orchard

Small children tend to think that apples come from the grocery store. Let them see first-hand how apples grow.


How Many Seeds are in Apples?

Ask the children to guess how many seeds are in an apple. Cut one open, remove the seeds and count them. Do all apples have the same number of seeds? Cut open another apple to find out.


More Apple Activities

“Pretend” Applesauce

Have the children sit in a group each one of them holding an apple. Red and green apple shapes cut out of construction paper work just fine. Tell the children they are all apples and will be made into applesauce. Pretend they are in a big pot. Have them slowly turn in circles while you are “stirring”. Pretend you are sprinkling ingredients over their heads when you have to add sugar, cinnamon, etc. Watch the children’s reactions when they realize it’s boiling and they have to move faster. Make sure they “stay in the pot”. When the applesauce is finished, have the children lean over to pour into a container for the fridge.

If you plan this activity for just prior to snack, you can then nicely announce, “It’s snack time, let’s see how good you taste”. When you remove “real” applesauce from the fridge, watch out for the one “bug eyed kid” who will look at you as though you just performed the magic trick of a lifetime.


Try Different Varieties of Apples

This apple activity is a must during an apple theme. Let the children sample different types of apples. Let them taste the difference between a Granny Smith apple (with a tart taste), and Fuji apples (with a sweet taste).

Try sampling red, green, and yellow apples.

Don’t forget about other ways to have apples. Try applesauce. apple juice, apple butter on toast, apple crisp etc.


Make an Apple Chart

Draw vertical lines on a piece of tag-board to divide it into three equal sections. Use cut out pictures (or draw them) of apples at the top of each column. One section for red, one for green, and another for yellow. Gather red, green and yellow circle shaped stickers. Once the children have tasted each color apple, ask each child which color apple was their favorite, and let them place a sticker in the column corresponding to their choice. Oh, and this is one one those apple activities where parents can be included. When they pick up their kids, let them make their own choice of apple. And add their own sticker!


Plant Apple Seeds

Try drying apple seeds and putting them in small cups of potting soil. Water just enough to keep the soil moist, place in an area that receives plenty of sunlight and see what happens. It is incredibly difficult to grow a full grown tree from a seed, but the kids like seeing anything sprout up.

OR…buy a small apple tree from your local greenhouse and let the children help you plant it.


Circle Time Apple Fun

Cut out red and green apple shapes from construction paper. Pass out one apple shape per child making sure both colors are distributed evenly. Then at circle time... call out commands.Red Apples - jump up high,Green Apples - flap your arms, etc.


Orange, Orange... Apple!

Play Duck, Duck, Gray Duck with a twist. Substitute the words orange and apple for a fun outdoor activity.


More Apple Theme Fun


Fun Daycare Activities


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