Toddler and Preschool Lotto Games

Just Right for “Learning to Match”

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Lotto games are a lot of fun for both toddlers and preschoolers. The concept is s-i-m-p-l-e.

Make two copies of the game of your choice. I recommend printing them on card stock paper and then laminating with clear contact paper.

One copy is the lotto board and the second copy is cut on the lines into individual cards.

Give one card at a time to a toddler and let them “match it” to the lotto board. Once all the cards have been placed on the board, it’s time to “play again”.

Toddlers LOVE matching games because they are at the appropriate age for this skill and repetition is how they learn best.

Over the years I had many children in this age group... and these games were used repeatedly. So often, in fact, that I remade them every couple of years.

Preschool Lotto Games

Click on the toddler or preschool game of your choice to go to a PDF file for immediate printing.

There are three toddler games to choose from. Try….

Toddler Food Matching Game

A collection of foods easily recognizable by little ones.

Toddler Familiar Items Game

A collection of common everyday items most toddlers can recognize and call by name.

Toddler Animals Match Game

A little trickier with assorted animals but a great way for young ones to learn animal names.

*For preschoolers, simply make two copies and cut both copies into cards for a great Match Game.

OR….. Try the Preschoolers Counting Match Games.

Start with the Lotto Board. You’ll see it contains the numbers 1-10. Make one copy of the board. Print it out on card stock paper and laminate with clear contact paper.

Then…make one copy of the match game of your choice. Cut on the lines to form individual cards. Let your preschoolers count the number of items on the cards and then match the picture to the correct number.

There are two choices…

Count the Objects Game

A collection of objects familiar to preschoolers. Simply count the number of objects on each card.

Count the Ladybugs Game

All children know what ladybugs are. Count the number of ladybugs on each card.

*I can tell you that all of the matching games have been toddler and preschooler tested. Be prepared to play several times. Happy matching!


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