Bug Theme Snacks

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Bug theme snacks are a great way to round out an insect theme. Choose activities and crafts to teach children about several types of bugs.

Immerse the children into the theme as much as possible. Add fun bug snacks to make snack time part of the theme.

The kids will want to be a part of making them, so allow the children to help create them.


Use round sugar cookies, frost in red icing, make a black icing capital T on the cookie. Use chocolate chips for the spots.


Ants in the Sand

This is a favorite bug theme snack among children. Place a few graham crackers in individual sandwich bags. Seal the bags. Have the children crush the crackers with their hands or a rolling pin. If the kids are given a choice they would always choose the rolling pin. Open the bags and place a few chocolate sprinkles in each bag. Reseal the bags and let the kids use their hands to mix in the "ants". Let them eat with their hands or a spoon.


More Bug Theme Snacks

Worms in Dirt

This bug theme snack is another favorite with children. Use individual desert dishes for each child. Mix a couple of gummy worms into chocolate pudding for each child. Top with crushed cookies or crushed chocolate pie crust. Add another gummy worm poking out of the "dirt".


Cracker Bugs

Use peanut butter to hold two round crackers together, one on top of the other. Use thin pretzel sticks inserted between crackers to form legs. Add a dab of peanut butter to the top cracker and add raisins or chocolate chips for eyes.


Snack Caterpillar

Spread 4 round crackers with cream cheese. Layer the crackers slightly to form the caterpillar body. Use two raisins for eyes and chow mein noodles for the legs.

*Build this bug theme snack over a lettuce leaf for added effect.


Pretend you're a bee

Cut several flower shapes out of construction paper. Make a small hole and insert straws in the center of the flowers. Serve fruit juice and let the children use the straws. Just like a bee drinking nectar from a flower.


Bug Juice

Use lemonade mixed with blue Kool-Aid to make a "buggy" looking green drink.


Bugs in Juice

Add raisins to filled ice cube trays prior to freezing. Add to any light colored juice you serve.

*Plan on snack time taking a little longer... the kids are pretty fascinated with this idea.


Ants on a Log

An old favorite, but appropriate here. Fill celery stalks with peanut better, add raisins to create ants.


Ants on a Stump

Here's a new twist on an old favorite. Slice apples thickly in a circular shape. Spread peanut butter on top and add a few raisins.


Bug Sandwiches

For this sandwich you will need thinly sliced carrots placed in ice water so they curl, 2 inch slices of celery cut in thin strips, and raisins or chocolate chips. Make a regular sandwich of any kind, but before adding the top layer of bread, place a slice of celery on each of the four corners of bread (this will form the legs). Place the top layer of bread on top, then add two carrot curls uprights to form antennas and raisins or chocolate chips for the eyes.


More Bug Fun...

Bug Theme Activities


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