Free Printables For Kids

The Easy Way to Plan Activities

The free printables section makes it very simple for you to plan activities your home daycare children will love.

Sometimes you'll just need a quiet time activity, other times something for a rainy day. Some of these activities will also fit well with themed teaching. The best part is that you can simply choose one, print it, and you are all set.

Simply choose one of the free activities listed below and make as many copies as you need for an instant activity.

Check back as new items will be added to this section on a regular basis.


Have an Under the Sea theme? This picture would make a great addition, although it works well on its own also.

Use this ocean scene coloring picture in several ways. It can be used as a simple coloring page, or… find out how you can add- a-twist and make it even more fun.

However you use it, it’s sure to be a kid pleaser.

Free Printables

Christmas Printables

Here's a few Christmas printables to share with your daycare. You'll find a couple of cut-and-paste activities (one each for patterns and shapes), a matching worksheet and several coloring pages.


Toddler Lotto Games

These Lotto Games are perfect for toddlers/preschoolers because they are just the right age to understand when something “matches” and they learn best through repetition. The lotto games have been “toddler and preschooler tested”. Prepare to play more than once.

Choose food or familiar items lotto. Both contain pictures of items toddlers will recognize. Or, try animal lotto… a great way to teach toddlers the names of animals.

For preschoolers there are number lotto games. Count the objects and match the picture to the correct numeral on the board. Have fun matching!


My Senses Book

If you are teaching children about their five senses, this printout will reinforce what the children have learned.

Help them to easily create their own take-home book.


Fun Butterfly Craft

This printable can be used as a simple coloring page… OR you can turn it into a craft project. Try this art activity to have beautiful butterflies flying all around the room.


Holiday Tic-Tac-Toe Games

Classic Tic-Tac-Toe is a game that children easily learn to play. The free printables version adds some fun with "holiday cards" instead of the classic X's and O's.

Choose Easter, Halloween or Christmas for added fun in your holiday celebrations.


printer More Fun Printable Activities
  • Free Printable Santa Letter
  • Winter Sensory Picture
  • Tooth Fairy Award and Envelope
  • Number Coloring Pages


Daycare Help:

Looking for step-by-step instructions to start your own successful home-based daycare?

Check out my START A DAYCARE section. An all-free list of articles to guide you every step of the way.

For even more helpful hints, take a peek into the DAYCARE TIPS area.

Need DAYCARE FORMS ? The forms area has an organized list of free forms available for immediate printing.


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