Halloween Party Game Ideas

If you want some Halloween party game ideas that are low-cost and simple to set up... look no further.

All of the following games have been kid-tested... and approved!

Party games do not need to be complicated or expensive in order for the kids to have a good time.

Choose 2-3 activities for your party so the kids are not overwhelmed.

Choose both active and quieter games for variety.

Make a Spider Web

Start with a large ball of white yarn. Have the children sit in a circle. The first child will hold the end of the yarn and toss the ball to another child. That child will hold the yarn also and toss to another child. Continue having the kids hold the string and toss the yarn ball until you have created a giant spider web!


More Halloween Party Game Ideas

Have a Costume Contest

Be sure to have several awards ready so all the kids receive one. Try “Silliest Costume”, “Most Original”, “Scariest Costume”, “Most Colorful”, “Cutest Costume”, “Funniest Costume”, “Most Sparkly Costume”, etc.


Try a Mummy Wrap

This party game is fun for kids of all ages. Each team will need several rolls of toilet paper. Choose one person from each team to be the mummy. Set a timer for five minutes and have the teams create a mummy by wrapping toilet paper around the chosen mummy.


Go on a Scavenger Hunt

This is one of the easiest Halloween party game ideas. Hide fun Halloween items around your home or in your yard. Try plastic spider rings, lollipop ghosts, tiny bags of candy corn, Halloween pencils, Vampire teeth, etc. Give each child a paper lunch bag and let them go hunting.

OR… cut out pumpkins from orange construction paper. Draw features on each pumpkin and hide them around your house and yard. Divide the kids into two teams and have them go pumpkin hunting.  Make sure there is an odd number of pumpkins. Set a timer for 15 minutes or so. The team that finds the most pumpkins wins!


Play Halloween Bingo

Print out both the Halloween Bingo board and the sheet of pictures for each child. Cut the pictures into individual cards. Let them paste the pictures in any order they choose on the bingo board. Each child will have four pictures left over.

Make a set of pictures for the bingo “caller”. Choose a card and have the children mark the picture on their boards. Four in a row wins!

*Use candy corn for markers.

Simply click on the game to print.


Hot Pumpkin?

Ever played Hot Potato?  This game is played the same… except you will use a pumpkin. Have the kids sit in a circle. Start some music and have the children pass a mini pumpkin around the circle. The kids will continue to pass the pumpkin until the music suddenly stops. The person left holding the pumpkin is “out”. Continue until there is only one player left.

If you have a large group, two pumpkins can be passed around at a time.
OR... buy many pumpkins and let each child who is “out” keep the pumpkin and go to a designated area where they can decorate their pumpkin with markers.


Freeze Dance

Play “Monster Mash” or other Halloween type songs. Have the kids show others their best monster dance moves. Each time the music goes off, the dancers must freeze in place.


Build a Scarecrow

Divide the kids into two teams. Provide each team with a pile of old clothes (including hats). Use plain pillowcases for heads, newspapers for stuffing, ropes for tying, and markers for making faces. Give each team 15-20 minutes to make a scarecrow. Pose the finished scarecrows outside.

This Halloween party game idea lets the kids show off their creative side. The finished scarecrows will all be different and unique.


Pin a Grin on a Jack-O-Lantern

This game adds a Halloween twist to an old favorite.  Draw a Jack-O-Lantern on a large sheet of paper. Include the eyes and nose on the drawing.  Cut a mouth out of black construction paper. Attach a piece of masking tape to the back of the mouth.

Play just like Pin the tail on the donkey…  blindfold the children and see who can place the mouth on the Jack-O-Lantern in the appropriate place.


Create a Spooky Photo Shoot

Create a spooky backdrop the kids can pose in front of to have their pictures taken. Make sure the kids show off their scared faces.


Spider Web Marble Painting

Place a black circle cut out of construction paper in the bottom of a pie pan. Dip a marble in white paint, place in the pie pan, then tilt the pan from side to side so the marble rolls around and forms a spider web. Let dry and attach a black plastic spider with glue.


Leaf Pile Treasure Hunt

Fill a child-sized plastic swimming pool with leaves. Hide low-cost Halloween items in the leaves.  Set a timer for 1-2 minutes and let the children find the buried treasure… blindfolded.


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