Preschool Valentines Day

Preschool Valentines Day is a fun time for kids. Make it simple with the ideas listed below.

Start with creating Valentine boxes prior to the holiday. Use whatever boxes you have on hand or have the kids bring an empty box from home.

Dig out your craft items that are red, white and pink and let the kids design their boxes as they like.

I always bought red heart-shaped stickers also since all of the kids were not able to cut out heart shapes.


To make it easier for the children who cannot yet read, attach a picture of each child on their boxes so all the children understand who they are giving valentines to.


Encourage all children to wear red, pink or white on party day!!

Preschool Valentines Day



Heart-Shaped Foods

Although most children associate Valentines Day with candy... you don't have to follow the trend. Be creative with a heart shaped cookie cutter.

Make heart shaped pancakes for breakfast.

Use the cookie cutter to make heart shaped sandwiches for lunch. Or... cut out heart-shaped bread, cheese and meat and allow the children to make their own sandwiches.


Sprinkle a Bagel

Toast bagels and spread with strawberry flavored cream cheese. As a bonus... add a few red and pink sprinkles.


Make Valentine Floats

This preschool Valentines Day float couldn't be simpler.  Just use vanilla ice cream and Cherry 7-Up. Make sure you have red straws!


Fruit and Yogurt Dip

Cut up pieces of fruit... strawberries,apples, grapes, etc., then let the kids dip the fruit into strawberry yogurt for a fun and nutritious snack.

Preschool Valentines Day Activities

A Twist on Musical Chairs

This version has no winners or losers. Everyone gets a chair but must trade places with someone else if… they fall into the category called. As the caller, you simply call out categories, like “everyone who likes chocolate ice cream”, “everyone wearing red”, “everyone who has a cat”, etc.  Play as long as the kids are having fun and offer a small treat to everyone at the end.


Red Bubbles

If you are feeling adventurous... Add dish detergent and red food coloring to your water table. Provide egg beaters or wire whisks to make bubbles! Be smart... cover the floor and realize you may not get the kids away from this for a while!


Heart Hunt

Cut many assorted sized hearts out of red, pink and white construction paper. Cut each heart into four pieces using assorted cuts such as straight, wavy, odd angles, jagged, etc.  Dump the pile of hearts into the center of the table and see if the kids can put the pieces together to create whole hearts.


Cupids Arrow

Find a couple of low-cost large heart shaped plastic bowls (most dollar stores carry them prior to the holiday).  You’ll also need a big handful of Q-tips and a box of wide straws. Place the bowls a couple of feet from where the straw holder is standing. Place the Q-tip in one end of the straw, and blow the “arrow” out into the heart bowls.  It’s a little tricky at first, especially for younger kids, but once the kids get the hang of it, they'll want to do it over and over!

*Make sure kids know how to blow prior to using this activity. Younger kids may "suck in" instead of blowing out. Have them practice with an empty straw and have them blow on their hand.


Hide 'N Seek Hearts

Cut out large hearts of different colors made out of construction paper (or felt).

Hide these hearts throughout your home or an outside area if it is warm enough outside. Tell the children they need to ONLY find one.

Give the children a choice of many types of art and craft supplies so they are able to decorate the heart in any way they like. This is their take home project and most parents will display them in their homes.


Make Heart Towers

Get a bag of candy conversation hearts and see who can stack them up into the tallest tower.


Tissue Paper Hearts

Cut MANY small hearts out of assorted colored tissue paper. Give each child a white sheet of paper (we used card-stock for a firmer feel).

Let the children paint over their piece of paper with vinegar and then cover it with tissue paper hearts. Once the vinegar has dried... the children can peel off the tissue paper hearts to reveal neat-looking heart stamps.


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