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Summertime ABC's

The printable flashcards below involve a summertime theme. There is a picture for every letter of the alphabet. Each picture is something that kids see or do in the summertime.

Why flashcards? For repetition, there's no better way. I realize that children will always be attracted to bright computer games, but learning in a quieter environment may be longer lasting.

Start with learning to identify the letters. Once that skill has been accomplished, move on to learning the sound that each letter makes.

Keep the lessons short. Five to seven minutes at a time, once or twice a day is enough. Realize also that all children will have days when they are not in the mood. Never press a child to learn if they are having a rough day. Save the lessons for when your child is eager to learn.

Start small, with perhaps five cards. Say the name of the letter and use your index finger to trace around the letter. Have the child repeat the name of the letter after you. Introduce new cards only after the previous ones have been learned. The summer-time cards can be used one-on-one with a child and work equally well in small groups.

Do try to make the lessons interesting. Be animated when going through the cards. This helps the children to stay engaged and learning won't seem like a chore.

Initially, the children will need your help to identify letters and their sounds. Later, they will be able to look over the cards on their own to reinforce what they have already learned. Children take a great deal of pride in learning the alphabet and starting to read. Make sure to let them know you are pleased with their progress.

I recommend printing the cards on card-stock paper. This will give them a firmer feel. Laminating the cards with clear contact paper will also make them longer lasting.

Printable Flashcards

To print, simply click on the page of your choice to open a PDF file for immediate printing.


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