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Late Fee Notice

Printable daycare forms make running your home daycare much easier. No need to create them... simply click, print and use!

I highly recommend that you include a late fee notice in your policy handbook. It just makes things easier if payments are not coming on time. My collection of late fee notices offers you a few options in the way you would like to present the late fee. 

As stated elsewhere on this site there are some parents who will go out of their way to try and take advantage of you if they can. You will realize quickly who these parents are and you may want to offer up a more "hard core" notice.

Other parents are, of course, wonderful... so you'll have no problem using a more parent friendly reminder.

Both choices are available here. You know the parents of the children in your care the best, so choose the form you feel most comfortable using.

NOTE: All of the printable forms are intended for personal non-commercial use only. Daycare providers are welcome to print in quantity as needed. Just click on the form of your choice to be taken to the printable PDF file. You’ll need to have Adobe installed on your computer to see and print the files. If you don’t have it, you can get it free at 

Printable Daycare Forms - Late Fee Notice

Daycare Late Fee Form

A simple "Oops" form that takes the sting out of receiving a late notice. A parent may have honestly forgotten or become distracted. It's a friendly reminder.

Two forms per page.

The next two forms are still fairly friendly, but remind the parents that payment needs to be made. One form states payments are due on the first day attended of the week, the other form states that payments are due on the last attended day of the week. Use the form that works best with your daycare policies.

Daycare Late Fee Form
Daycare Late Fee Form

The last two forms are more "hard core". This form lets parents know that payment must be made immediately. Same as above, the notices are worded according to how you accept payment due to your daycare policies.

Daycare Late Fee Form
Daycare Late Fee Form

Late fee notices are never really easy to hand out, but they are a must when you are running your own business. You deserve to be paid for a job well done. Parents may complain (sometimes quite loudly) about the late fee, but if you have written up a clear policy handbook that includes late fees, you should have no problem enforcing the rule.


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