Preschool Outdoor Activities

Fun with Sidewalk Chalk

Preschool outdoor activities are a snap if you have sidewalk chalk. There are so many games and activities that can be played with something as simple as chalk.

Here's lots of ideas to get you started...


Make a Balance Beam

Draw a long line... straight in some areas and curved in others. Let the kids walk the line and strengthen their balancing skills. Make sure both feet are on the line at all times.


Preschool Outdoor Activities

Make Self-Portraits

Have the child lie down while you trace around his body. Let each child color in their clothes and create their face. Many children lined up in a row makes a great display. This is one of those preschool outdoor activities that gets the parents attention when they arrive to pick up their children.


Fun with Action Words

Do you have children who are learning the letters and the sounds they make? Write several large letters in random order. Have the children take turns as you call out each letter. Once the child finds the letter and stands on it, have them do an "action" that begins with the same letter. I'm sure you'll think of more, but here are some ideas to get you started...

  • A - ask, answer
  • B - balance, bend, blink
  • C - clap, crawl, cough
  • D - dance
  • E - exercise
  • F - frown
  • G - giggle, gallop
  • H - hop, hear
  • J - jump
  • K - kick
  • L - laugh, leap, listen
  • M - march
  • N - nod
  • P - point
  • Q - quiver
  • R - run, roll
  • S - stomp, spin, sway
  • T - twirl
  • U - up (on tiptoes)
  • W - wiggle, wave, wink
  • Y - yawn, yell
  • Z - zig zag


Make a Rainbow

Start by drawing the lines (Make it huge!). Ours stretched from one end of the driveway to the other. Once the lines are drawn, give the kids the chalk and let them know which section is theirs to color.

Start at the top with red and continue in order with Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet at the bottom. For those that may not know, Indigo is a purplish blue. It's like the transitioning color between blue and violet.

*Oh, and don't forget the pot of gold at one end!!


Design a Play Area

As a child care provider, I'm sure you have several matchbox type cars and small figurines of people.

Let the kids help you create a whole town. Draw streets, buildings like a school and stores. Draw homes with garages, an airport, a construction zone, etc. Then...  let the kids play to their hearts content. This is a great way to get them out in the fresh air.


Target Practice

Draw a large target on your driveway. Assign points to each section of the target. Draw a line about six feet away from the target. Have the children stand behind the line, and one at a time, throw beanbags or rocks toward the target. See who can get the most points.


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