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Kids summer activities do not need to be complicated. Some activities take only minutes to set up and provide lots of entertainment.

While we all know that children love the swing set/sandbox routine, sometimes it's fun to plan something different for outdoor fun. Here you find some of the easiest kids summer activities.


Felt People

This is a kids art activity that will be played with long after the project is over. Draw the outline of a person on a piece of felt. Make sure the arms are away from the body and the legs are separated. Glue the felt to a piece of cardboard, and cut out the shape. Use markers to make a face on each person and yarn to create hair. Using scrap material, use the doll as an outline to create dresses, pants, shirts, and shoes. The material will stick to the felt.


Follow the Rope

Lay a long length of rope (or twine) on the ground. Make the rope twist and turn around obstacles. Have the children walk on the rope without falling off.

More Kids Summer Activities


Easy Picnic

Your daycare group will enjoy this kids summer activity. Throw a little picnic in your backyard. Bring out the summertime toys and spread a blanket on the ground. Have lunch or snack time outside.

For more picnic ideas go to the Picnic Ideas page.


Color Search

Have the children sit in a group in the middle of the yard. Ask them (without moving) to find five yellow things, then red, blue and so on.

OR… grab some of those paint sample cards from your local store. Give each child a card and let them try to find something outside that matches the color on their card.


Mud Painting

You’ll need a little bravery to try this, but the kids think it’s a blast. Use dirt that is free if hazards (no stones or other particles). I sifted the dirt through a colander to make sure it was rather fine. Mix the dirt with water until it is on the thin side. Let the kids dip paintbrushes into the mud and draw pictures on the sidewalk or driveway.

*I recommend swim suits for the kids and a sprinkler nearby. Of all the kids summer activities listed, this one can get the most messy.


Use Homemade Binoculars

Give each child two toilet paper rolls to decorate as they desire. We decorated ours outdoors at the picnic table. I also didn’t tell the kids what we were making until they were finished decorating. Then, use a mini stapler, and staple the two rolls together, side by side.

*You won’t believe how much fun kids can have with this simple idea until you see it.


Follow-the-Leader Walk

Line the children up behind you for a silly walk. Have them copy your movements as you walk. Examples: fast walk, slow walk, tiny steps, giant steps, walk with feet wide apart, walk sideways, walk backwards, walk heel-to-toe, walk in a zigzag, etc.


Outdoor Story Time

Spread a large blanket on the ground. Give each child a sippy cup of juice or water. Gather around on the blanket and read a few of the kids’ favorite books.


Make Mud Pies

Mix together some clean dirt, sand and water in a large bucket. Make sure the mixture is thick. Give each child a cake or pie pan (we used the disposable type). Let each child fill their pan with mud and “decorate” their pie with flowers, leaves or grass etc. Let the pies “bake” in the sun for a few hours.


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More Kids Summer Activities

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