Free Printable Certificates

Fun Awards for Kids

Free printable certificates and awards are a great way to show children that you notice and appreciate their accomplishments. Kids love getting awards and positive reinforcement.

This is a HUGE bundle of awards and certificates that can be used as the children in your care reach basic milestones. There are also general awards that can be used for almost any purpose.

Most of the printable certificates come two-to-a-page making it easier to "pass out the praise".

This comes in a large PDF file so you can print them out as often as you like.

Scroll down to see all the certificates. Ordering information is at the bottom of the page.

Simply click on the printable of your choice to open the file in PDF format for immediate printing.

"I Can Tie My Shoes" Award

We all know the task of learning to tie shoes is not simple. It takes practice to make a good bow.

Kids are generally very excited when this task is learned.

An award makes it extra special.

"I Can Write My Name" Award

The first word that children typically learn to write is their own name.

Once this skill has been learned, print out the certificate and have the children write their name in the center.

Sign and date for a permanent keep-sake.

"Beary Good Friend"

This award can be used anytime you see a child being a good friend.

Sharing or being helpful toward another child qualifies for this award.

Make sure the child understands exactly why they are receiving the award.

Learning Animal Sounds

Most toddlers are fascinated by the sounds that animals make.

Learning the sounds for each animal can be challenging... so give out a reward when they can easily say "what the animals say".

"I Know My ABC's" Certificate

Children go through many stages while they are learning the letters of the alphabet.

First they learn the abc song, then the individual letters, and lastly the sound that goes with each letter.

Use this award for any of the above accomplishments.

Using Manners Award

Manners is a skill that must be learned by repetition. Many reminders are typically given before a child will automatically remember to use their manners

Use this award when a child uses manners without being prompted.

"I Know My Colors" Award

We all know what a difficult concept learning colors can be.

Colors are learned one at a time, and it can take quite some time before children learn all the basic colors.

Use this colorful award to celebrate the accomplishment.


Folder Forms

Everyday Forms

ParentNotes/Kids Awards

  • Daycare Contract
  • Policy Handbook
  • Emergency Information
  • Immunization Form
  • Transportation Form
  • Daycare Pricing Sheet
  • All About Your Child Form
  • Sample Daily Schedule
  • Infant Daily Report
  • Storm/Fire Drill Log
  • Prescription Authorization
  • Non-Prescription Form
  • Field Trip Permission Slip
  • Sign-In/Sign-Out Sheet
  • Accident/Injury Report
  • Something New to Share...
  • Just a Little Reminder...
  • Great First Day
  • I Caught Your Child Sharing
  • I Caught Your Child Being Helpful
  • Tried a New Food Award
  • Great Kid Award


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