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The free printable child care forms area wouldn’t be complete without parent notes and awards for the kids. These home daycare forms are the fun forms because you can give them out without having to keep track of them (unlike the “real” forms).

Parent notes help to keep parents informed and involved. It’s also easier to jot a short note than to rely on memory to remind or notify parents. Use these free child care forms to keep parents up-to-date.

There are also kids awards. These awards can be given out as a way of acknowledging accomplishments and promoting good behavior. All children like being recognized and rewarded for what they do. A variety of forms lets you award children for several types of behavior.

Click on the links below to print out free child care forms you can use immediately. Please use the daycare printable forms only for your own personal in-home daycare use.

For the Parents…

Something New to Share ...

Use this form to let parents know you are doing something different in your daycare. Are you having a special guest entertain the children? Spending a week learning colors? Planning an art project and looking for donated supplies? Use this form to keep the parents updated.

Just a Little Reminder ...

This is a handy form when parents forget to bring supplies. It also works to remind them that their child should wear something red for Red Day, or bring a bathing suit for Fun in the Sun Day. All of us forget sometimes and little reminders are nice.

For the Kids


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Helpful Hint: I print out the kids awards using photo/picture paper. Doing so gives the awards a nicer look. They'll have a firmer feel and a glossy appearance. Make sure to let them dry before you fill them out.


Great First Day

Adds an extra welcome to a child's first day in your care.

I Caught Your Child Sharing

I like using this award when I see a child willingly sharing with another child. A pat on the back and a "good job of sharing" at the time, with a quick note to the parents for extra incentive to do it again.

I Caught Your Child Being Helpful

This award goes to children who help pick up the playroom without being told or help another child in any given way. Children should be acknowledged for being helpful.

Tried a New Food Award

Many children will turn up their noses at foods that look different than they are used to. This can make planning meals challenging. Encourage children to try new foods and give out awards for one bite. Children may or may not like the item after tasting, but being able to try new things is a good quality and should be reinforced. Remember, this award is meant for “trying”, not “liking”.

Great Kid Award

I use this award when I see a child do something above and beyond. I gave it out for a three year old who volunteered her naptime cuddly bear to another child who was new and missing her mom. I used it for a six year old boy who sprinted across my backyard to help another child who had fallen part way down the slide and landed in the dirt. I gave it out to a ten year old boy who patiently handed shredded cheese, one piece at a time, to a two year old so she could make her own pizza. It was the only way she would touch the cheese. I believe this child care form meant the most to the children because I so seldom gave it out.


Folder Forms Everyday Forms
  • Daycare Contract
  • Policy Handbook
  • Emergency Information Form
  • Immunization Form
  • Transportation Form
  • Daycare Pricing Sheet
  • All About Your Child Form
  • Sample Daily Schedule
  • Infant Daily Schedule
  • Storm/Fire Drill Log
  • Prescription Authorization
  • Non-Prescription Form
  • Field Trip Permission Slip
  • Sign In/Sign Out Sheet
  • Accident/Injury Report Form


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