Cool Art Projects

Art that’s Fun for the Whole Group

Making cool art projects doesn't have to be difficult.

The items listed below are my favorites. All can be used quite easily in a home based daycare setting. Best of all, you'll have both children and parents raving about your "cool art projects".

kids collage

What makes an art project cool? A few things...

  • Must be fairly easy to make, without difficult instructions
  • Must appeal to a wide age range of kids
  • Must have lasting value

Lasting value? By that, I mean, the finished product serves a purpose, becomes a keepsake or has a lasting impact on children (i.e. they remember doing the projects long after the project is over).

Cool Art Projects


Scratch-Art Classroom Packs Scratch-Art Photo Frames Group Pack

Scratch Art is as simple as it sounds. Simply scratch with a wood drawing stylus (included) to reveal a rainbow of colors. Each completed frame will be unique.

This kit contains 24 frames in 3 different sizes. Also included are stands and self-adhesive magnets so you can stand or hang them.

Makes a great parent gift. Take individual pictures of the children in your daycare setting to make permanent reminders of their time in daycare.


Teacher Make A Plate

This is the way to turn a drawing into a usable product. Not only are the plates absolutely adorable, but they are also break resistant and dishwasher safe.

The kit comes with 50 templates (sometimes kids need to "start over") so there are plenty to go around, even in a large group.

You can use the markers included or regular washable markers.

If you have the children draw Christmas or winter scenes they make great gifts at holiday time for parents or grandparents.

The best cookie plates ever!


Kelly's Crafts Kidz Sparkle Suncatcher Activity Kit: Fun Animal 22-Pack

What's the best way to brighten up a playroom window? Making sun catchers, of course. The kit contains 18 fun animals, enough for a large group, or multiple choices for a small one.

Then, use them to dress up a window. The sun shining through will create a spectacular display.

They also make nice gifts, especially for the elderly who seem to have everything. My daughter made a few when she was young for her great-grandmother. She was delighted and they hung in her window for years.


Make Mosaic Masterpieces

This is a mess-free activity. That makes it a cool art project for the kids... and for you.

The reason? There is no glue involved. This is a very easy-to-do tile by number project. Kids will need to be able to identify numbers 1-10 to complete the project.

This makes a great rainy day activity as it will keep the kids attention for a long time.

The finished pictures look fantastic!


Color-Me Mug

Children can creatively design their own mug. Using pre-cut paper, give the children crayons, markers or paint and let them design their mug anyway they choose.

Make sure the paper is completely dry before inserting in the mug. Snap the top for a finished project.

This cool art project is guaranteed to be a keepsake. Make sure the child's name and the date are on the paper before inserting. These make great Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts.

*The mugs are hand-washable ONLY.


Tissue Paper Art

Does it get any funner than scrunching tissue paper?

This kit makes art easy, even for little-ones. Just peel off part of the picture, scrunch and stick. Repeat until the picture is done.

The pictures are incredible when done and the kids are so proud of their handy-work.

The finished projects make neat bulletin board or wall displays.


Magic Tie-Dye Strings

This simple version of tie-dying makes the old way seem ancient.

It doesn't get any easier than this.

The old rubber band version was tricky at best and difficult for younger children.

This kit makes it simple. Just wrap and tie the strings, plunge into water and let dry.

Kids love wearing their own creations! In fact, count on these T-shirts being worn a lot!

Also makes a great birthday party activity idea.


Easy Kids Art Activities using items you most likely have on hand...


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